Monday, 29 November 2010

Pin Up Quiffs and Curls.

Bored of your mop?

Classic pin up and Rockabilly hair is a statement. Although the hairstyles look complex they are actually pretty quick and easy to achieve once you master them.
To achieve all of the styles you will defiantly need:
  • a good hairspray (I recommend ‘Wella Silvikrin maximum hold’-this bad boy sets your hair like a rock so use minimally to avoid major stickiness. 
  • Kirby grips (loads of them!) You can get these in most chemists and beauty supply stores. 
  •  Heated rollers a good heated rollers set is the Babyliss thermo ceramic rollers- - they create a soft curl that lifts from the root giving the effect of Velcro rollers in a matter of minuets.
It doesn’t really matter what hair colour you have but I have to say that these styles look more classic in block colours such as bleach blonde, black and pillar box red. Also keep roots to a minimum as quiffs reveal the raw uglies of regrowth!

Below are the hairstyle how-tos... have a play and see what you can create!

The Monroe.
1. Your hair should be washed free of any hair  products and brushed thoroughly.
2.Section out the front of your hair (fringe) and  pull back the rest of your hair into a hairband so you it doesn't get caught on the rollers.
3. Once the rollers are fully heated take a small section at the front of your head from the section you have separated and pull upwards (away from your face) take a hot roller and place it at the tip of the hair on the inside and roll downwards towards your face carefully rolling your section of fringe and then fix with the a hair rolling pin. Try to perfect this and avoid mistakes and frizzing as the fringe is the statement in this hairdo. 
4. Repeat step 3 in the next section of hair beside your first roller. (You should be able to fit 3/4 rollers in your fringe, dont try to force a wadge of hair into one will not curl properly)
5.Repeat this step throught the crown of your head in that roller direction. 
6. When you get to the bottom half of your head apply the rollers in the opposite direction to get that lifted look.
7. Allow to cool on your head (should take under 30 mins) Do not remove until completely cooled down!
8.Gently remove the roller in the direction it was rolled. You must take care not to bend the shape of the roll. Repeat for all rollers. Warning: At this stage you may look like a poodle! This is to be expected do not fret!
9.Take a brush and run the brush through your hair in the direction of the curl, don't be too ruthless as you will brush out the curls. Brushing through them will give volume and allow for them to become full of body instead of little individual ringlets.
10. Once satisfied that you have that desired style seal with a good hairspray and kiss the mirror.

And if you still cant master it...Click on the link below to watch a video tutorial to perfect your roller..erm rolling.
How to use heated rollers
The Rockabilly Quiff.

Probably the most versatile of all the styles. The Rockabilly quiff not only can be rolled backwards but also forwards. The one you choose should depend on how face-confident you are. Having a full on backwards quiff will expose a lot of your face and for people that feel more comfortable behind a fringe it may be quite off putting.Also for these styles you fringe need to be fairly long..this is so you can a large roll. SO first I will explain the rolling quiff which is the forward roll. 
Have a pile of kirby grips handy!!
1.Section off your fringe from the rest of your hair. You hairs condition should be straight and smooth. Any frizz will need smoothing with spray as this roll needs to be very neat.
2.Run the brush through the hair and then take the section and run your fingers to the end of the hair. Roll down towards your face keeping the sausage-like shape all the way down. You must tuck in any stray hairs with hairspray. 
3.Once you have reached your hairline slide in a kirby grip through the bottom of the roll. You want to make this as secure as possible so add another grip on the other side and repeat if necessary! (thick hair may need up to 5 grips)
4. Spray Spray Spray that hairspray to fix into place.

Backwards Quiff.
1. Pull up sections of your fringe and tease the roots with a comb(teasing is brushing the comb in the opposite direction of your hairgrowth) and then spray with hairspray. 
2. When you are satisfied you will get a lot of height in your quiff  (due to mass teasing) smooth over with a comb and pull back the hair. 
3.Push the hair slightly forward and slide in kirby gribs to hold.
4.Fix with hair spray.

You can pull up your hair into a pony tail and curl the hair in the pony tail.

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